I (Traveler) make lots of Travel mistakes and so does you (Travelers).
I Genuinely feel that mistakes are the sign that you are doing something productive and, in that case, mistakes are bound to happen.
Travel mistakes are normal too.
Lemme tell you something,
While trekking in snow for the first time, we reached at our campsite. I couldn’t be able to sleep the whole night. Guess Why?
Because I was wearing the wet socks. I couldn’t take out because it was very cold so I decided to keep it remained in the feet and that’s why I was not able to sleep.
I didn’t know about this earlier and now I knew, I always carry a three pair with me and learnt from my Travel mistakes.
Now let’s talk about that such more mistakes we all do.

1. Not Being Disciplined 

Not being disciplined

Why we always think that we will reach exactly on time to catch our train/flight/bus and don’t have to bother much?
Most of us think this but only few ends up applying this.
Don’t worry I am giving the points keeping in mind to myself also. Starting at least few hours before to reach the destination early is a bang on step. The advantage to reach early would be to see the surroundings and you never now what exciting thing you will come across.

How to Correct
I had never missed my train/flight/bus because I always reach 1hr before the departure and get around to nearby places if I had time. So, this step is very important.

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2.Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must

Keep discipline on next step, first take a travel insurance.
Is Travel Insurance really worth it?
Suppose you have booked a flight and for some reason you cannot travel to the destination and you had canceled the flight. Now? You paid the money without reaching your landmark.

How to Correct
This is where travel insurance plays the role of recovering your cancellation fees. Spending a few bucks on insurance would be an intelligent step than paying the whole amount without traveling.

3. Not Checking Your Documents

Not Checking Your Documents

Here come the documents.
But the documents really coming with you? Most of us are last timers and that is the actual reason we forget to take the documents with us or sometimes even take the wrong documents.

How to Correct
First of all, making a list of items (Food, clothes, documents etc.) to include at least 10-15 days before starting the journey.
i.e. You have number of days to think if you miss out on a particular day.

4.  Booking a cab for the city tour

Booking a cab for the city tour

Now what happens is, we always have to depend upon the cab person or the company who is going to take us for the tour.
There is a particular time period given to us and we don’t get enough time or me time to enjoy that surroundings. We always in hurry that we don’t get time to see the other places.

How to Correct
It’s totally not wrong to take a cab but what we can do is increase the time period or even the days to fully enjoy the tour.
Make your own plans and take decisions step by step.

5. Not Doing Research

Not doing research

Researching is an ultimate guide to make any plan successful.
We always research for the famous places to see in the city and most probably ignore the happening places of the city.
The happening places could be a beautiful street walk, a local cuisine to try from a road side or anything.

How to Correct
It’s really a memorable thing to visit the famous places but on the other hand not to forget the happening places which will make it a dream tour.

6.Not Talking to Locals

Not talking to locals

These Travel mistakes I used to do most often earlier and learnt that we can get much more info and insights more from locals which any search engine would give.
Those untold hidden secrets which hadn’t be discovered yet or a bond which could build and can grow over a period of time.The locals are the search engines of that place.

How to Correct
Talk as much as possible with the locals of the visiting place, you don’t know what interesting you can come to hear. Also, they can guide about the nearby places if you wish to go further or want to know about that.

7. Not Carrying Enough Hard Cash

Not carrying enough hard cash

An important aspect in every journey.
Suppose you are going to a place which don’t have much facilities in terms of banks or ATM’s, then hard cash will come to rescue in that situation.
In that case you don’t want yourself to be in a head-scratching situation.

How to Correct
It’s completely okay to be on a safer side.
But carry enough hard cash also if any misery happens where you need more money instantly. As much as possible avoid these travel mistakes and correct them.

 These are the mistakes which are important to be corrected.

I would be Glad to hear from you,

The Mistakes you had made?

and share it with me in the comments so that it can help the fellow travelers.


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6 Replies to “7 Common Mistakes Travelers Make and How to Correct Them”

  1. Those are some really amazing points. I also prefer to be early to all my transports, it happened two times that I was almost too late (not entirely my fault, but still) and now I would much rather just sit at the airport and wait than to run and be all stressed out.

    1. Hey, thank you for sharing your experience with me. Completely agree to what you have said that it’s more better to arrive early and explore the nearby than to be late. Thank you again for joining.

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