What actually is it like to live in New Delhi

New Delhi

If I had to say in a layman language, it feels “Good” “Amazing” “Awesome” “Cool” and all other words that ultimately signifies the happiness and joy to express your love for the city New Delhi.

From anything to everything is available here.

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What is it like to live in New Delhi

1. Time bound

Time bound

If you say to someone that this is the time you have to appear on time, they always be late. But if you set a certain restriction like related to money, time will automatically come into play. Office is a perfect example. Late after 9 salary deducted.

In the day time you will always find everyone running to their destination and its obviously that restriction that making them run. To achieve something, you have to set some restrictions it’s like that.


2. Crowded

Crowded New Delhi

This is true, Yes Delhi is a crowded city with almost 2cr. People. One important thing is that you will never be felt alone, just saying.

But its fine now it’s the daily routine. Instead now, if I don’t see any crowd I got worried where the Delhi people had gone. Another just saying. So, its crowded but you will get adjusted soon. And we all love Himachal, a perfect weekend gateway to look at.

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3. Delhi’s pride

The Delhi metro is the pride of the city in transportation. With many routes coming by making it more economical and efficient to travel from one end to another in nominal price rate.

The metro network consists of almost 180 trains covering a distance of 60,000km every day and that’s awesome something to cherish.


4. A super market

A super market in almost every 2nd -3rd street makes it easy to shop nearby. And does not have to commute long distances to buy home products.

An important thing which every person sees before buying a house is the availability of super market nearby. Things get much more interested when you have so many options to choose from.

Competition in some streets of Delhi is just unbelievable.


5. Entertainment

You will never get bored here. Whether it is the fight of husband or wife on the roads or the children master stroke for a glass brake of the house or people fighting for a gentle push or why are you seeing her again and again she is my girlfriend line and this story never ends ……….

Delhi never disappoints in the entertainment part.


This is what I thought are the genuine and valid points to write about New Delhi.

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