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Bahubali Hills sounds like an out-of-the-box place to visit. But, indeed, it lives up to out-of-box expectations.

Undoubtedly, lakes and palaces remain your top priority when planning for Udaipur. 

Vansh Tiwari at Gangaur Ghat
Vansh Tiwari at Gangaur Ghat Udaipur

But you will be surprised to know that you can do a short hike to Bahubali Hills to see the gorgeous Udaipur Badi Lake. Though, it was an eye-opener for me — breathtaking views.

Because when I had planned for Udaipur, hiking to a hilltop was far from the thought.

Indeed, Badi Lake, Badi Talab, the same thing.

Udaipur Lake City

  • Udaipur lake City Morning View
  • Udaipur City
  • Lake Side View of Udaipur City

Out of context,

In the hostel I stayed, I met many people that arrived from Ahmedabad. Even the bus I sat on from Delhi ultimately traveled to Ahmedabad and stopped at Udaipole in Udaipur to drop off the passengers. So, a lot of Gujaratis I found during my visit.

Coming back to the topic,

Mainly, I celebrated Holi in Udaipur; on that particular day, everything remained closed. Thus, I explored Udaipur in the following days.

Firstly, I plan to cover faraway places; therefore, 

  • Badi Lake was the first place to visit. 

Little did I know that Bahubali Hills hugs Badi Lake. Accordingly, when I arrived at Badi Lake, I got to know.

But, before proceeding with your journey to the Bahubali Hills, Ultimately, to see the Stunning Badi Lake, I would like you to know a few things.

5 Things to Know Before Visiting the Bahubali Hills

Things to know before Visiting Bahubali Hills Infographic

There exist various things that I strongly want to tell for considerably better experiences. Below, I have expressed my thoughts in detail:

1. To Leave Early Morning is Way Better 

Rajasthan is year-wise well-known for its superheated climate. Therefore, make sure to utilize the morning, approximately before 10 a.m.

I reached the Bahubali hilltop precisely at 12p.m, and the scorching sun made me tan. Moreover, hiking when the sun is above you becomes pretty challenging.

Thus, I consider the morning the best time to visit the bahubali hills in Udaipur.

Still, if you plan to visit in the Afternoon, do not expose any part of your body to the sun — Wear a cap, full sleeves clothes, and track pants/jeans.

2. Rent a Scooty in Udaipur

Udaipur to Bhaubali Hills distance is roughly 15kms. Therefore, it’s best to rent a scooty for the day.

Renting Scooty in Udaipur will cost you around Rs. 400 – Rs. 500, though I got it for Rs. 500.

In addition, the scooty owner told me that if you had asked me yesterday, I would have given Rs. 400. Specifically, I didn’t understand how a day can create a difference of Rs. 100. Haha!

Notably, check the scooty properly by taking a test drive. The scooty I took and the handle with a pointed grip caused the ride to be uncomfortable.

3. Slippers, Not Allowed!

I strongly feel you should not wear slippers when going to Bahubali Hills because, as I conveyed before, you must hike for some time.

Thus, shoes will remain perfectly suited.

Besides, the path is rough and steep; hence, shoes will provide grip and comfort.

4. Carry Lightweight

Being lightweight reduces the load from the shoulder, and you would hike more freely.

I reached and realized; that I could have been lighter because I was carrying a bag with cameras and a laptop.

Carry lightweight Bag to the Bahubali Hills
Vansh Tiwari on the Bahubali Hills looking at Badi Lake

But, I could have left the laptop in the hostel; nevertheless, would you make sure you carry the bag lightweight?

5. Stay Hydrated

Carry water bottles with you,

Aye! Not a water bottle, indeed, water bottles to stay hydrated.

After returning from the hilltop, my friend and I drank water all day as we became dehydrated riding Scooty in the sun. I couldn’t remember the last time I drank almost 3-4 bottles of water in half-day, moreover, in a few hours.

Later, I learned that hunger wasn’t for food but for water.

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Udaipur to Bahubali Hills Morwaniya

  • Don’t forget to leave early morning!

When you rent a scooty, bring that filled from the nearest petrol station and start your journey to see Badi Lake; simultaneously, open Google maps.

Ultimately, the map will make the way seem more straightforward; if you remain dependent on asking anybody, you might take more extended time than required.

I took a path that went through the villages.

Remain Careful

While driving through the Villages,

I saw a family blocking the way ahead and demanding Rs. 10 to let us proceed forward. Similarly, like a toll tax.

Though, speak politely and remain calm. Indeed, stay focused on moving ahead. You will move fast. That’s not necessary; you would encounter the same experience.

In addition, drive carefully, as you may see the bumpy roads.

On the Way

I first learned about Badi Lake; then, I decided to visit the Bahubali Hills after that — I didn’t know that both existed neighbors to each other.

Likewise, I can stand on the terrace of Bahubali Hills to admire Badi Lake!

On Reaching the Base of Bahubali Hills

You can’t determine where Bahubali Point is while on the road.

Though, you have to park your scooty. Then, take a ticket of Rs. 10 to Bahubali Hills.

Before that, I had no idea that we needed to hike, so that remains unexpected.

You will gain 300m in height from the ground to Bahubali Hills on moving. In addition, the route stands rugged, But you can easily decide the way forward.

Along with Bahubali Hills, you won’t want to miss the other 4 places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

Though I visited Udaipur in March, are you considering visiting Udaipur in April?

It will take around 15-20mins average, depending on your speed, to reach the hilltop.

Also, there is a shop on the hilltop if you require wafers, water bottles, etc. But don’t rely on anything; carry your own, notably, remain lightweight.

Overlooking Badi Lake from Hilltop

Badi Lake seen from Bahubali Hills
Badi Lake

Indeed, Badi Lake is extremely Badi.

Moreover, the mountain in between seemed like another island to me.

However, from Island, I remembered the Andaman Islands; you can also consider reading that.

Moving forward, 

Standing on Bahubali Hill overlooking Badi Lake is the most pleasing combination of nature.

I overlooked the heated sun above my head.

Furthermore, I started snapping.

Badi Lake Captured from Bahubali Hills
Badi Lake Captured from Bahubali Hills

Not highly crowded, but a group of individuals was present.

You must step carefully as sharp rock edges and thorns are present.

Vansh Tiwari Snapping Badi Lake
Vansh Tiwari Snapping Badi Lake

I moved to see a location that would appear perfect for jaw-dropping scenery. Hence, I saw multiple spots that remained pretty jammed with visitors. Thus, I chose one place and stood there.

The accompanying friend then came to the exact spot I had chosen.

  • Selfie from the Mate
  • Vansh Tiwari and Accompanying Mate at Bahubali Hills

The strong breeze was blowing. That ultimately made the scenery more appealing because it would stand next to impossible to stay there long because of the burning sun.

Thus, I stood there for 40-45 minutes, then headed backward.

Furthermore, I could feel that viewing the sunset from there would be an excellent decision. Indeed, I will read about that later!

Downwards from Bahubali Point to the Scooty Parking

If it takes 25 minutes to reach the top of the hill, it will take half the time to come down.

You already know that descending is likely easier than ascending. But stay extra cautious as the chances of slipping increase.

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You will agree with me that,

The decision to cover distant places soaks the energy. But, eventually, if the location is similar to Bahubali Hills overlooking Badi Lake, the body immediately refreshes to capture the moment.

Badi Lake

Moreover, the soul leaps in excitement; hurray!

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Also, I have a question, 

Did you like the way I expressed Bahubali Hills in the article?

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An Afternoon at Bahubali Hills Udaipur
An Afternoon at Bahubali Hills Udaipur