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5 things to focus if you are first time backpacker

Backpacking can be challenging if you are a first-time backpacker, you’ll get thoughts like what to include and is this necessary to carry. I still remember the first time I did a backpack and I faced these challenges and end up packing like a whole house as if going for a year though!
I will help and not let you backpack the whole house now.

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5 things to focus if you are the first-time backpacker

1. A few clothes

By “A few clothes “I mean few only. If you are going for a trip that lasts 3-4 days then 2 sets of clothes would be perfect. Mix and match on alternate days would work well. The first-time backpacker gives an amazing feeling of maturity and self-belief.
Going on a hike with a backpack is something people look at. The weight is to be light so that it becomes easy to carry and not a burden on the shoulders.

2. Medicines

Medicines would become you’re helping partner when you are in trouble like headache, altitude sickness, climate change etc. Backpack these things for the safety reasons.
Trust me, we all face these situations at some point in our journey. Some faces early and some faces towards the end. Making yourself free from any problem should be the first priority.

3. Rough and tough shoes

Important one! Majority of the people tend to ignore this thing. Shoes are the one we gonna rely on. I am taking an example of trek here –
Suppose you are going on a trek, the most important is shoes here. You will be going to walk a lot of km and if the shoes are not rough and tough it probably hurt you while walking.
Taking an extra pair of shoes is good, but if you are confident about the existing one that would be amazing. Things to focus for the backpack is really interesting.

4. Best Backpack

Choosing the best backpack is really important which suits your needs, your belongings etc. You can also look for a Rucksack which is a type of backpack only but larger in size for your comfortable and easy to carry also. As I said if you are going for a short trip 3-4 days small backpack will do and if for a longer one say 7-8 days rucksack is the best option.

5. Healthy food

Healthy food is a must because it will eventually be going to give you energy, and positivity and will make you fresh.
Fruits will work very well ex-apple, oranges, strawberries etc. and don’t forget almonds, peanuts.
Backpacking can be challenging for the first time as I said, but it will not be an interesting one I never said.
Ready, steady, Backpack…!
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